Raising Kids Who Care

Raising Kids Who Care

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How do we encourage kids to talk with us about even the trickiest issues? Talking about the stuff that matters with your kids is not easy, but communication is the best tool we have for life and love. This book will guide you through 40 practical conversations using the structure of a family trip. It'll be meaningful fun. When you start having the conversations in this book, your kids will start changing their world!

Inside, you'll discover:

- Stories, tips and research to inform the conversations
- Relationship skills to build (like listening and conflict resolution)
- How to combat the influences of our culture (like consumerism and tech devices)
- How to build resilience, values, character and purpose
- How our kids can play a part in solving problems, rather than being brought down by them
- Advice from caring young adults about what worked for them!

As parents, we want our kids to have happy, loving lives. As a society, we need kids who are capable of thinking and acting beyond themselves to help others have happy, loving lives too.

"There is a huge secret to life which most families - and most parenting books - completely miss. That we humans are happiest when we are living for each other and discovering the fun that brings. In a society that is all about 'me' we have never been more stressed or miserable. Caring is a word that holds the key to life going well and is the real heart of being human. This book shows you how to foster it. Susy Lee's book is one of those rare ones you want to have at hand long term, as even dipping in seems to spark you with ideas and clues for really engaging with your children. What to ask, what to challenge them with, what to provoke them with. Brightly and clearly written, with real personality, this book turns on its head our focus on making kids happy, and instead shows how to make them generators of happiness." - Steve Biddulph AM